5 Sustainable Fashion Brands We Can Afford

Lise Lin

Lise Lin COO May 25 - 2017

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable for All

More and more brands are becoming aware of the risk of leaving a carbon footprint on our planet. We should all take a moment and appreciate that and start supporting these brands occasionally, so they remain profitable.

Here are 5 brands that are betting against fast fashion:


Based in the USA and with a focus on ethical productions processes, Everlane is all about finding the best factories around the world and building a strong relationship with them. Their products range from apparel, shoes, to accessories and more.

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Always defending the environmental ethics, Patagonia recycles materials and produce using organic cotton. Can we get a “Hallelujah?”

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Organic Basics

Yup, you heard it here first. The innovative technology of odorless underwear is not just amazeballs, but is also made from organic cotton! Your hubbies will thank you for saving them the embarrassment when they have to take off their shoes at friend’s houses.

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Beautiful, aesthetic and sustainable lingerie! Check out what patterns you are able to match to be a beautiful sustainably sleeping beauty

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Organic Threads

Billedresultat for organic threads

A brand that ONLY produces socks from 100% organic cotton grown and manufactured in the USA. Go get your earthy pair of socks here

Not all are aware of the amount of water used for dying fabric for one t-shirt. We feel a responsibility in spreading the word of what we all can do to impact our planet.