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Philip Femø

Philip Femø CEO Feb 19 - 2017

Welcome to a World of Manufacturing

Hi and welcome to our world! We are manufacturing geeks – we want to help the industry improve and optimize the way they communicate, and collaborate with factories. In this blog, we will touch upon trending topics from sustainable living, best practices in communication with a factory, to hacks on what systems the manufacturing industry is turning to (what has the future in hand for us?!).

There are an increasing amount of automation in manufacturing but a lot of goods and products are still heavily reliant on human labor. If you have many years of experience as a sourcing agent or a purchaser, you may have encountered the never-ending-e-mail-threads buuut! where did the latest update on the product go?

We would like to brainstorm, along with you, questions as; how do we ensure a high quality when collaborating with factories from all around the world? How do we get to understand each other better, in a globalized world while meeting people with various backgrounds?

Collabo is a result of years of experience in the manufacturing industry, fashion industry, and computer science. This forum, being our blog posts, focuses on the day-to-day wins and losses that experienced people, as well as people new to the industry, can relate to.

Thank you for reading and please write if you have any suggestions on what topic we should research and write about.

– Philip, CEO on behalf of Team Collabo