Optimizing product management for brands and suppliers

Collabo is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to collaborate and access latest updated information by team members

What collabo is all about

Product Management Intuitive and user-friendly PLM is the main focus of the platform

Time efficiency Spend less time managing e-mails and more time on what you do best

Fast start No installation needed, full service to help you get started


Save time and resources during product development, prototyping and on the mass production.

Structured workflow
Product management
Transparent negotiation
Product tracking
All-in-one communication
File management

How it works


  • “Collabo is highly recommended for both small and larger brands. Our production error rate decreased significantly after we started using the platform” - Henning Cai, Audace Copenhagen

  • “Collabo has given me more time for the many diverse tasks I have as the owner of a small, but rapidly growing business. My supplier is also very happy with the platform as it minimizes misunderstandings and errors. Last but not least, the platform is very easy and intuitive to use.“ - Emilie Ventujol, Pierrot la Lune